Senior Python engineer with extensive Django and front-end JavaScript experience, looking for new opportunities to grow and learn. Particularly interested in working with newer technologies and with complex problem sets.
Technical Skills and Certifications
Software Development:
Highly skilled in Python, Django, Vue.JS, jQuery, vanilla JavaScript, and REST interfaces.
Experienced in Java, C, Clojure, HTML, CSS, XML, and C++.
Able to ideate, design, implement and deliver complex solutions from start to finish.
System Administration:
Skilled in administrating Linux operating systems. Able to troubleshoot complex issues and quickly diagnose and resolve problems.
Adept at configuring and maintaining server software such as Apache, Bind, MySQL, OpenSSH, and related software.
Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE certified: RHEL 5).
  • BA in Journalism from The University of Texas at Arlington
  • Minor in Information Systems
  • Final GPA: 3.15
  • Graduated August 2005
Personal Qualities
  • Excellent troubleshooter
  • Adept at identifying and solving problems in creative ways
  • Goal oriented
  • Works well alone or in a group
  • Fast learner who is able to quickly grasp and understand complex concepts
  • Puzzle enthusiast
    • Crossword puzzle solving (NYTimes every day + others)
    • Crossword construction
    • Rubiks Cube (under 3 minutes)
    • Puzzled Pint events, meta-puzzles, video games, and others
Work History
Jan 2015 - Sep 2018 - Undercover Tourist - Austin, TX
Software Engineer
  • Helped maintain, update, and upgrade popular Django e-commerce site
  • Worked extensively in Django to ensure a smooth, fast experience
  • Implemented REST interface to integrate with iPhone app
  • Performed major upgrades and improvements of various systems
  • Helped maintain AWS cloud environment
Sep 2010 - Dec 2014 - Rackspace - Austin, TX
Software Developer III
  • Maintained, optimized, and extended an extremely large Python system
  • Lead developer on major project starting in March 2012
  • Worked closely with users to ensure that best possible solution was implemented
  • Thought up, designed and implemented innovative new API that was quickly and widely adopted
  • Developed and added several new features which increased productivity and stability in system
  • Integrated several external systems focusing on authentication and security concerns
Apr 2007 - Sep 2010 - Rackspace - Austin, TX
Linux Administrator III
  • Administrated Linux and FreeBSD servers in a wide array of installations and configurations
  • Identified and actively worked to improve processes and tools to increase productivity and user experience across support floor
  • Developed software that was adopted by the majority of peers in company
  • Maintained excellent support relationships with customers via tickets, phone calls, and e-mail
  • Provided training to other employees via one-on-one assistance and group brown-bag lectures
Jan 2006 - Mar 2007 - The Planet - Dallas, TX
NOC Engineer
  • Resolved software and hardware issues affecting web servers
  • Maintained health of network by monitoring network switches, routers and vlans
  • Troubleshot configuration issues for Apache, BIND, cPanel, Plesk, MySQL, etc.
  • Communicated with customers in a professional and expeditious manner to solve customer's problems